EP / IEP Resources

The EP follows the translated Thai Ministry of Education curriculum in all core subject areas.  All textbooks and materials have been selected based on an extensive analysis of local and international materials as well as the specific learning needs of the students studying in our EP and IEP.  All textbooks are enhanced with interactive activities designed and led by teachers.

Darasamuth has developed its own English curriculum in order to enrich the level and content of English learnt by the students.  Particular emphasis has been placed on literacy and integrated phonics as well as theme based learning (KG and P1-2).  Grammar is enhanced with literacy lessons from P2.  Specific text types and authentic language practice is our focus from P3 to P6.  One set text is studied in P4 and two are studied in P5 and P6.

Examples of Teachers' Resources and  Students' Work here..




Examples of Teachers' Resources and  Students' Work here.